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Dishonest producers often replace the chewy composition of meatballs with borax, with the aim that the meatballs they sell are still delicious and don't go stale. The lack of consumer awareness of the feasibility of the food they buy, makes producers free to sell their meatballs. This makes the authors interested in examining how to identify the borax content in meatballs using turmeric extract and the negative impact that occurs on the liver.&nbsp;</p> <p>Problems and Research Method. Based on this background, the problem formulation is (1) How to identify borax content in meatballs using turmeric?&nbsp;(2) What is the negative impact of borax on liver health?&nbsp;Type of research carried out is laboratory tests. There are 2 sources of data used, namely primary data sources obtained from research results, while secondary data sources obtained from scientific journals.</p> <p><strong>Theoretical Basics</strong>. Borax is a chemical compound in the form of odorless, colorless, salty and alkaline crystals. Borax has the chemical formula Na<sub>2</sub>B<sub>4</sub>O<sub>7.</sub>H<sub>2</sub>O. Borax is prohibited from being used in food, both in small and large doses. The use of borax in food is an alternative for dishonest food manufacturers, they replace the composition of Sodium Tripoli Phosphate with borax. One of the foods that are often mixed with borax is meatballs.&nbsp;</p> <p>Meatballs are a type of food that is processed from meat, flour, and other spice ingredients. Meatballs mixed with borax have a very different physical appearance from meatballs without borax. This should make it easier for consumers to choose the food they buy, apart from looking at the physical appearance of the meatballs, there is another easy way to identify the borax content in meatballs, namely using turmeric extract.&nbsp;</p> <p>Turmeric contains curcumin compounds. Curcumin is a substance that can detect the presence of borax in food. Curcumin is able to decompose borax bonds into boric acid by binding it into a rose color complex (rosacyanin) or commonly called a boron cyano curcumin complex.&nbsp;&nbsp;Borax contained in food, and we consume it regularly can cause damage to the function of the body's organs. The liver is one of the organs of the body that will be severely damaged by borax. The liver as a detoxification organ plays a role in protecting the body from various toxins and foreign objects that enter the body. This detoxification ability is very limited, so not all toxic substances can be completely detoxified. Toxic substances that are not detoxified properly will cause hepatocyte damage. This is because these substances will degenerate (build up) and poison body cells because they cannot be excreted through excretion. The volume of the liver will increase over time and there will be inflammation of the liver or Liver Fibrosis.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Research Results</strong>. Research conducted on 6 samples of meatballs, showed the following results; 4 of 6 samples showed negative results, negative results were indicated by the absence of a color change reaction in the meatballs. While 2 of the 6 samples showed positive results, positive results were indicated by a change in the color of the meatballs, the color change that occurred from yellow to brownish red. These results prove that the 2 samples of meatballs that reacted positively contained borax and were not safe for consumption.</p> Ainaya Kafila Almayda Copyright (c) 2023 Ainaya Kafila Almayda https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 2023-04-01 2023-04-01 1 2 65 76 PENGARUH PERBEDAAN PENGGUNAAN LARUTAN MONOSODIUM GLUTAMAT DAN AIR BIASA PADA PERTUMBUHAN TANAMAN TOMAT https://ojs.mauwh.sch.id/index.php/hj/article/view/7 <p>A lot of tomatoes were found in tropics, one of them in Indonesia. There are many tomato famers in Tulungagung. From this, there are several media outlets that support plant growth of tomato plants the use of a solution of MSG. Many people who knew nothing of the use of other MSG benefits. A lot of research which proves that MSG or vetsin influence in expedite the growth of plants. Because communities are generally only use regular water as a medium basin without realizing that MSG solusition can be used as a substitute for regular water with a view to fast. The formulation of a problem covering understanding Monosodium Glutamate and explanations of the influence of the difference the use of a solution of monospodium glutamate and regular water on the growth of tomato plants (Solanum lycoprsicum).</p> <p>There are two types of research, namely field research (Field Research) to reach the actual data sources and library research (Library Research) to collect and analyze library data through journals. The research carried out has 2 things, namely field research to reach actual data sources and library research to collect and analyze library data through journals. One of the sources of data obtained through journals about the effect of giving monosodium glutamate on the growth of chili plants (Capsicum frutescens I.). Primary sources needed are MSG or vetsin, tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum), water (H2O), humus soil, solid soil (clay), husk charcoal, and polybags. Several references used to collect observations about the effect of differences between the used of Monosodium Glutamate solution and regular water on the growth of tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum). And also, one of the books in the library of MA Unggulan KH. Abdul Wahab Hasbulloh and the title is “Produksi Benih”, which was written by Dr. Ir. Wahyu Qamara Mugnisjah, MAgr and Ir. Asep Setiawan, MS.</p> <p>Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a sodium salt of glutamic acid that is one amino acid non-esensial most abundant natural. A lot of the functions of used of MSG in daily life, that is generally used as flavoring food, one of these is the food wetness or dryness. In addition to these functions, MSG can also be used for the growth of crops. The influence of MSG on the growth of tomato plants started one of them is stimulate of flowering directly because affects differentiation/the development of the cells of plants. In terms of its chemical structure, MSG is no different from the amino acid glutamate. The metabolism of glutamate in MSG will not be different from that of glutamic acid. As for glutamic acid including charged amino acids (polar) together with aspartic acid. The use of flower-stimulating hormones, namely auxin hormones, cytokinins, and gibberellins, can be replaced with monosodium glutamate in mature plants. Another thing about MSG that can be utilized is that it is used as fertilizer to add nutrients such as sodium and potassium. The selected plant is tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) which is one of the horticultural crops with high economic value and also contains substances that are useful for the human body, namely vitamins C, A, and minerals. Tomatoes can be grown both in the lowlands and highlands. This plant requires loose soil, nests, rich humus, and a pH of 5-6, however, clay containing a little sand is more suitable. Tomatoes are sensitive to excess or lack of nutrients, especially nitrogen. The optimum air temperature for tomatoes is 18-25° C.</p> <p>The The research procedure that needs to be considered when mixed several ingredients include husk charcoal, humus soil and also solid soil or clay with the aim that the plants to be planted grow perfectly and do not wither. Practicum conducted in the field, namely experimental research used MSG and plain water on tomato plants yielded several explanations. If a plant splashed with a solution of monosodium glutamate is 2 things that happened is that if a tomato plant splashed with MSG when I first planted or to germinate and grow the crops will slow for 3 until 5 days before grow and in 2 until 3 day they will quickly wither, this is because plants are still not strong enough to receive an additional material before it grows and also in the hormone giberelin embedded on MSG if in they wrong or excessive force would result in the plant was forced to continue to flowering and the growth of the leaf buds which will also to the growth of interest will obstructed so as. Plants will die.</p> <p>On the other hand, if tomato plants are watered with a solution of MSG when they are about 2-3 weeks old, they will grow fast and the stems will start to grow because the sodium content in vetsin can bind water which can then be directly absorbed by the plant and also the sodium content in vetsin. Vetsin can also strengthen plant resistance. If the plants are watered with regular water as usual, the growth yield will not change significantly compared to watered with MSG solution, maybe 1-2 weeks the tomato plants will start to appear. And also, there is no special influence of chemical substances that can affect the rapid growth of tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum). Some suggestions about the use of MSG in plants because later it will inhibit plant growth. In addition, in this experiment, I hope that later watered with MSG solution will be cultivated in addition to watered the plants with regular water with the aim of make it easier and faster for fruit and vegetable growers to grow their plants. As well as being able to become a useful media for the surrounding environment and not using this media is detrimental to the surrounding environment.</p> Naila Baita Fakhriya Hidana Copyright (c) 2023 Naila Baita Fakhriya Hidana https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 2023-04-01 2023-04-01 1 2 77 92 PENGARUH LAMA PENYIMPANAN TERHADAP PROSES KERJA RAGI INSTAN https://ojs.mauwh.sch.id/index.php/hj/article/view/8 <p><strong>Background: </strong>Yeast is an inseparable ingredient in the process of making bread dough. One of the ingredients that affect the quality of bread is yeast used. Yeast is a kind of organism that comes from a sugar-eating fungus compatriot with the Latin name Saccharomyces Cerevisieae which will produce CO2 in the process of making bread dough and the CO2 will be captured or trapped by gluten so that the bread can expand quickly. Yeast is a single-celled eukaryotic organism and reproduces by dividing, the main function of yeast is to develop bread dough. The yeast that has been used by the public in general is instant yeast because of its ability to develop bread dough very quickly, easily found in the market and at an affordable price, usually instant yeast is sold in sachets.</p> <p>In this experiment, the author uses instant yeast with the brand Fermipan as the main ingredient, Fermipan is a yeast brand produced in France and has been widely known by bakers in various countries in the world. As stated on the Fermipan packaging, Fermipan has a composition, namely: yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisieae), emulsifier (sorbitan monostearate E491).</p> <p>Good quality bread can be seen from the level of swellability and texture of the bread produced. Therefore, good instant yeast is very important to note to produce good quality bread as well. The selection of instant yeast brands also needs to be considered. This also affects the way of storage and the duration of storage on the working process of instant yeast, especially with the Fermipan brand.</p> <p><strong>Orientation &amp; Research Method</strong>: In writing this paper, the author is interested in knowing more about the effect of storage time on the working process of instant yeast. The problems raised in this experiment are: (1) what are the characteristics of a good instant yeast? (2) How does storage time affect the working process of instant yeast? This research is a type of field research. By using method experiment conducted by researchers to test something to be studied. In this experiment, two sources were used, namely primary and secondary. Primary data sources are data retrieval based on experiments such as materials used in testing instant yeast with the Fermipan brand, and secondary data sources obtained from research journals and articles from the internet related to the effect of storage time on the working process of instant yeast.</p> <p><strong>Theoretical Basis</strong>: According to Mudjajanto Eddy Setyo and Lilik Noor Yulianti (2009: 25), there are three types of yeast, namely wet yeast, active dry yeast, and instant yeast, the most famous being the Fermipan brand. The characteristics of good yeast are cold to the touch, creamy in color, small and clean, and smells delicious like apples. The way to find out which yeast is still active is to mix 5 grams of instant yeast, 50 grams of warm water, and 10 grams of sugar which are mixed well, then if the yeast produces froth then the quality of the yeast is still good and can be consumed. Yeast also has many benefits, not only in the world of bread, but also benefits for the health of the body and face. Among them are ingredients for making cakes and breads, ingredients for making tapai, curing acne, rich in protein and so on.</p> <p>The experiment carried out in writing this paper used Fermipan yeast with three experiments with the same yeast, namely the remaining yeast from the first experiment which was reused in the second and third experiments, with the difference in storage time of yeast stored in a jar with a tight lid. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of storage time on the working process of instant yeast with the Fermipan brand. The experimental method is quite easy, namely by testing the yeast stored for several days in warm water and seeing how the reaction / foam from the yeast.</p> <p><strong>Research Results</strong>: In the first experiment, there was a lot of foam in the yeast, which indicates the yeast is still in good quality and good for consumption. Then in the second experiment, after the yeast was stored for three days from the first experiment, the yeast experienced a reduction in foam, but it was still safe for consumption. Meanwhile, in the last experiment, which was seven days after the first experiment, the yeast experienced a very large reduction in froth, which in the sense that this yeast was dead or could not be consumed anymore, this was the result of long storage which affected the work process of Fermipan instant yeast.</p> <p><strong>Suggestions</strong>: According to the author, from the experimental results on the effect of storage on the work process of instant yeast, it can be seen how to store good yeast, namely by storing yeast that has been opened in a closed container/jar, not exposed to air, and not exposed to direct sunlight. And instant yeast that has been opened should be used immediately and not stored for more than three days, so that the yeast is still in good condition, not dead yeast, and good for consumption.</p> Nine Addin Aulia Copyright (c) 2023 Nine Addin Aulia https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 2023-04-01 2023-04-01 1 2 93 107 HASIL BUDIDAYA IKAN BANDENG DALAM MENINGKATKAN PENDAPATAN MASYARAKAT PULAU MENGARE KABUPATEN GRESIK https://ojs.mauwh.sch.id/index.php/hj/article/view/9 <p>Mengare Island, Bungah District, Gresik Regency. With the geographical condition of the coastal area, most of the people in the area make a living as fishermen, and a small number work in other sectors. For example, entrepreneurs and pond farmers are almost all workers.</p> <p>Viewed from the topography, Mengare Island is located at an altitude of between 4 meters above sea level (meters above sea level) with an average rainfall of 2,000 mm / year. Mengare Island, which is located in the northern coastal area of Java Island, with a temperature of&nbsp; 34oC with traditional coastal fishing patterns and fishpond farmers, especially Bandeng fish, which is the main commodity of Mengare Island.</p> <p>Pond farmers are people who actively do the work of managing ponds to earn their income. These pond farmers live in coastal villages or adjacent to pond locations and their main livelihood comes from managing ponds. For aquaculture farmers, minimum physical needs or family consumption needs are largely determined by the income they receive. To obtain high income, pond farmers must be able to increase the yield of pond cultivation. Based on the description above, the identification of the problem that will be discussed in this research is how the general description of Mengare Island and how the results of Bandeng fish cultivation in increasing the income of the Mengare Island community.</p> <p>This type of research is field research, the types of data used in this study are primary data and secondary data. Primary data were obtained directly from Bandeng fish fishermen using interview and observation methods, but the authors did not make observations due to the pandemic situation that did not allow the authors to make observations. Secondary data is obtained in the form of articles or journals obtained from the internet.</p> <p>Fish farming is an activity to raise, raise and breed fish and to harvest the results in a controlled environment (Law No.31/2004). Typical activities include fish farming, shrimp farming, oyster farming and seaweed (algae) cultivation. In Indonesia, aquaculture is carried out through various means. The most common cultivation activities are carried out in ponds/ponds, ponds, tanks, cages, and floating cages.</p> <p>The definition of a pond or pond according to Biggs et al. (2005) is a body of water measuring 1m2 to 2ha that is permanent or seasonal which is formed naturally or man-made. Rodriguez-Rodriguez (2007) added that ponds or ponds tend to be on land with a less porous soil layer. The term pond is usually used for ponds located on land with fresh water, while ponds for brackish or salt water. Biggs et al. (2005) stated that one of the functions of ponds for aquatic ecosystems is the enrichment of aquatic biota species. The increase in the type of biota comes from the introduction of the cultivated biota.</p> <p>There are several aspects that must be considered in the development of Bandeng fish cultivation in ponds, namely: land suitability, availability of commodities and technology and market demand. Land suitability needs to be considered considering the variation in carrying capacity and the level of land suitability in each stretch is not the same. In addition, the availability of commodities to achieve production optimization is still faced with the problem of marketing the results and the limited amount of production. In running their farming business, the cultivator incurs costs and earns income. Farming costs are defined as the value of all inputs that are used up or incurred in production, but do not include the labor of the cultivator's family.</p> <p>The results of the research that has been carried out show that Mengare Island is located in the northern coastal area of Java Island with a temperature of 34oC with traditional coastal fishing patterns and fishpond farmers, especially Bandeng fish, which is the main commodity of Mengare Island. Mengere Island is famous for its delicious and fat Bandeng fish in East Java Province, especially Gresik Regency. Its location, which is still quite beautiful, makes every visitor who comes to them feel at home and comfortable to linger to enjoy the natural beauty that is served.</p> <p>And also from the results of research that has been done shows that the largest pond farmers' income is received by fishermen who have a business scale of 11-15 ha and the lowest is received by a business scale of 1-5 ha. If it is calculated by comparing the total revenue / total cost, the value of the 11-15 ha business scale is 1.91, the 1-5 ha business scale is 1.32. Therefore, the largest Revenue Cost Ratio (R/C) value is obtained by fishermen who have a business scale of 11-15, namely 3.3, meaning that for every Rp. 3,000,- the costs incurred can generate an income of Rp. 900,-.</p> <p>Based on the results of the study, the suggestions that can be put forward in this paper are for Bandeng fish pond farmers to maximize the production obtained by selling Bandeng fish to big cities, and marketing it abroad. Bandeng fish farming farmers can also maximize the production obtained by selling less of the first harvest at a low selling price so that for the second and third harvests they get a higher selling price. To maximize the production obtained, aquaculture farmers can increase the selling price from year to year but adapt to conditions.</p> Najwa Namiyah Alayyubi Copyright (c) 2023 Najwa Namiyah Alayyubi https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 2023-04-01 2023-04-01 1 2 108 119 DAMPAK DRAMA KOREA DAN K-POP TERHADAP PERUBAHAN GAYA HIDUP SANTRI DI PPP AL-FATHIMIYYAH BAHRUL`ULUM TAMBAKBERAS JOMBANG https://ojs.mauwh.sch.id/index.php/hj/article/view/10 <p>The background of this research is because the author sees the increasing popularity &nbsp;and &nbsp;militancy &nbsp;of &nbsp;fans &nbsp;of&nbsp; Korean &nbsp;dramas &nbsp;and &nbsp;K-pop &nbsp;nowadays, especially among teenagers in Indonesia or commonly called <em>hallyu. </em>This does not escape happening to teenagers in Indonesia who are or live in Islamic boarding schools. Islamic boarding school is a place inhabited by several people who are usually called Santri. Islamic boarding schools are also famous places with all the limitations that limit their students in various ways. However, with today's increasingly sophisticated technology, as well as the younger generation in Indonesia who are required to be able to take advantage of the current technological sophistication, global cultures are increasingly developing which will&nbsp; indirectly &nbsp;have &nbsp;an &nbsp;impact &nbsp;on &nbsp;various &nbsp;sectors &nbsp;in &nbsp;various &nbsp;walks &nbsp;of&nbsp; life, including social change, and in terms style of life. Lifestyle itself, it is one of the impacts of globalization.</p> <p>The meaning of globalization is a process that is already global. Globalization is also a process that shows the increasing interconnectedness of people and people around the world through trade, investment, travel, popular culture, communication networks, and other forms of interaction. Social change can occur at every level of society. Changes that occur in society include changes in social norms, social patterns, social interaction, behavior patterns, social organization, social institutions, and the structure of power and authority. In this study, &nbsp;an&nbsp; example&nbsp; of &nbsp;social &nbsp;change &nbsp;that &nbsp;the&nbsp; author &nbsp;mentions &nbsp;is &nbsp;a &nbsp;change &nbsp;in lifestyle. Lifestyle change is a way of life identified by how people spend their time (activities), what they consider important in their environment (interests), and what they think about themselves and the world around them (opinions).</p> <p>The formulation of the problem that will be discussed in this study is about the meaning of K-pop and Korean drama, and also about the lifestyle changes that occur in students at PPP Al Fatimiyyah as a result of Korean dramas. This study uses a qualitative method, and focuses on 10 respondents who are fans of K-pop, Korean dramas, or fans of both. This study also uses several sources of data, both primary and secondary. in the form of an interviewwith students at PPP Al Fathimiyyah and also distributing questionnaires and using references in the form of scientific research, books, and the internet.</p> <p>Lifestyle changes can occur because of a process of imitation. Imitation is the urge to&nbsp; imitate others.&nbsp; Imitation does not &nbsp;take place automatically but is influenced by an attitude of acceptance and admiration of what is being imitated. An example of this is like teenagers in Indonesia who imitate Korean culture through watching Korean dramas and K-pop. Korean dramas and K-pop are examples of popular culture. While the notion of popular culture itself is a series of entertainment tools and is a product that is traded for material interests for the purpose of seeking profit, although sometimes on the other hand, popular culture is created for other purposes as well as interests in creating a type of political culture. Meanwhile, according to the KBBI, popular culture is a culture that is known and favored by most people in general, is relevant to the needs of today's society, and is easy to understand and apply in everyday life. Popular culture itself is also known as <em>mass culture </em>or mass culture. This is because this culture is usually caused by the mass media. This goes back to globalization which is the main cause of this.</p> <p>The results and discussion of this study regarding lifestyle changes that occur in adolescents and students who are fans of Korean dramas and K-pop at PPP Al Fathimiyyah are as follows. As we have discussed in chapter three regarding lifestyle changes due to Korean dramas and K-pop in adolescents, namely changes in clothing fashion, hair fashion, accessories or items used, how to &nbsp;eat, &nbsp;drink, &nbsp;and &nbsp;the&nbsp; food &nbsp;consumed, &nbsp;learning &nbsp;methods, &nbsp;speech &nbsp;styles, &nbsp;and thoughts about beauty standards. Like teenagers who are non-Islamic boarding schools, teenagers or students who are in Islamic boarding schools also experience this. As I have researched and discussed in the previous chapter regarding this, I can mention that not all Korean drama and K-pop fans experience all the changes above. From several questionnaires that have been filled out by several respondents, &nbsp;and &nbsp;several&nbsp; interviews &nbsp;that&nbsp; have &nbsp;been &nbsp;conducted &nbsp;with &nbsp;several students at PPP Al Fathimiyyah regarding this, the results obtained are that they think that not all the changes that I mentioned had occurred to them.</p> <p>It can be concluded that popular culture in the form of K-pop and Korean dramas can cause changes in fans, both small-scale and large-scale changes. However, not all Korean culture fans experience lifestyle changes and also the most important advice from &nbsp;the author, namely that we as the next generation of the nation must continue to love the culture of our country and preserve the cultures that exist in Indonesia.</p> Al Misse Syarivatul Sukma Pramesti Copyright (c) 2023 Al Misse Syarivatul Sukma Pramesti https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 2023-04-01 2023-04-01 1 2 120 137